Ani Florea - There is a flower in each of us
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nature and man

In every one of us there is something unique and magical, an unexplored realm filled with beauty and gifts. It’s our inner seed that sprouts when nurtured with light, then grows into a bud and transforms all that is special within us into a flower. Pondering on the beauty of a flower, man can understand beauty as his true nature.

This inner journey represents the creative process, the resulting product being, apart from its utility in the material world, a symbol designed to remember about our divine essence, the seed that carries with it the flower or gift of each and every one of us.


In every human being lies something unique, a seed. The passion and desire to share our most valuable gift with other feeds her. When she transforms into a flower, her perfume fills up the space so that everybody can live the gift of being unique.


Mirrored through the “Flower of Life” element symbol, light transforms into an energy of balance, of order and clarity, the sacred geometry discloses why its known as the Flower of light.


Transcending the illuminating form and the entire environment, this energy is amplified by the harmony of forms and the joy and passion in which every detail was created.